Address of the D.SH.T.D’s headquarters, located in “Skanderbeg” pall no. 4, Tirana.
Directorate of the Diplomatic Corps, is organized and functions in accordance with the Albanian legislation , the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania, Chapter II “Legal persons , the Labour Code and any law or legal stand of their dependents, following the law nr.7582, dated 07.13.1992, “On state-owned enterprises”, the decision of the Council of Ministers , no. 840, dated 17.12.2004. “On the Activity of Directorate of Diplomatic Corps ” DCM. 631, dated 15.09.2006, DCM. 450, dated 16.06.2005, the Statute approved by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and its internal regulations.

Service Directorate of Diplomatic Corps is under the dependence of  Ministry For Europe And Foreign  Affairs and the main object of its activity is the fulfillment of the requirements for working environment, housing and services to the foreign missions of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Republic of Albania .