Curriculum Vitae - Mr. Adhurim Saliu

Curriculum Vitae - Mr. Adhurim Saliu

Director of the Directorate of Diplomatic Corps Service

Mr. Adhurim  Saliu

Adhurim Saliu was born on 22.12.1962 in the city of  Vlorë, Albania. He is married and has two children.


Education and Trainings

From 01 September 1968 to 30 June 1980 attended 8-year and high school education, Industrial School in the city of Vlorë.

From 1981 to 1986 attended University studies in the University of Tirana, Faculty of Geology and Mining, study field- Oil and Gas Extraction and Process Engineer.

 Completed Training

 Informatics course at the Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Tirana for the elaboration and computerization of oil and gas reserves.

Work Experience

From 01 September 1980 to 01 July 1981 has worked at the Oil Enterprise Gorisht Vlorë as the Head of Mechanical Repair.

From 03 May 1987 to 17 November 1989 has worked at the Oil Enterprise Marinëz Fier at the Directorate of Oil and Gas Extraction and Processing

as Engineer of Production Department and Engineer in the Implementation of Secondary Methods for Oil and Gas Extraction.

From the period 01 December 1989 to 17 October 1992 worked at the Tractor Plant, Tirana.

During the period 01 December 1994 to 17 October 2000 immigrated and lived in Italy.

From 17 October 2001 to 2013 employed by the Municipal Unit no. 1, Tirana, in the Department  of Public Infrastructure and Urban Control as Head of Department

From 07 February 2014 to 02 April 2018 employed by the Directorate of the Diplomatic Corps Department in the position of Deputy / Director.

In 03 April 2018 is appointed to the position of Director at the Department of the Diplomatic Service.

Trainings and Seminars

  • Introduction to Public Administration
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities and measures for its realization
  • Training at grass-roots level for local government representatives on Gender Equality
  • Policy and project cycle management
  • Strategic Planning in Local Governance
  • Knows Russian, Italian and English languages
  • Owns computer knowledge for all base programs.